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Miller Creek History
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 Historical Ecology of Miller Creek
 1800 - 2004.
Miller Creek Watershed Stewards 

Founders Meeting November 13, 2007

Approximately fifty Lucas Valley residents attended the October 11 kick off meeting of the Miller Creek Watershed Stewards.  Information was presented regarding the historical changes in the watershed and the challenges facing future watershed restoration possibilities.  Lucas Valley resident and Miller Creek Watershed Steward, Mike Elgie, led off the discussion with introductions of those already active, including Liz Lewis, Principal Planner for the watershed programs for the Marin County Department of Public Works, Jennifer Robinson, a director from the Watershed Project (, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of watersheds throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The meeting was also sponsored by the North Bay Watershed Association, Marinwood Association, Marinwood CSD, Lucas Valley Homeowner’s Association, the Dixie School Board of Directors and Teachers, St. Vincent’s School, Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District and the San Francisco Estuary Institute. Rick Fraites, representing County Supervisor Susan Adams’ office, also welcomed the group and reminded those in attendance that Supervisor Adams has put the Miller Creek Watershed enhancement and restoration project at the top of her priority list for District One.

Miller Creek Watershed Steward and Lucas Valley resident, Rachel Kammon, presented a power point presentation that helped define what a watershed is, gave an overview of the Miller Creek Watershed and illustrated the natural resources found within the Miller Creek Watershed. It was important to note that the creek width dictates the amount bank erosion that may be caused by swifter moving water in a narrow channel. The control of further bank erosion, especially the control of erosion presently occurring behind the properties of several residents on Miller Creek, is of prime concern and is one of the major goals for the Miller Creek Watershed Stewards and the other support groups.

The historical background and mapping of Miller Creek is actively being conducted by the San Francisco Estuary Institute. Members of the S.F. Estuary Institute will present their findings at the next meeting of the Miller Creek Watershed Stewards, scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 13 in the Dixie Elementary School (Multi-Purpose Room), 1175 Idylberry Road.  If you are a resident of Lucas Valley/Marinwood and are interested in increasing the value of your property, want to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood, protect endangered species and help to reduce the expense of watershed maintenance, please consider becoming a Steward of the Miller Creek Watershed.

Please contact
Mike Elgie at 472-5947 for additional information regarding the Watershed project and how you too can becomea Miller Creek Watershed Steward.

Attend the November 13 community get together and discover ways to protect and enhance the Miller Creek Watershed Stretching from Big Rock to the Bay.

County of Marin
District 1 Newsletter
November, 2007

Founders Newsletter

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Miller Creek Watershed History and Habitat 

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